Call for Laptop Repair Service at Home for your Overheating Laptop

Call for Laptop Repair Service at Home for your Overheating Laptop


Is your laptop getting extremely hot while working? If yes, it’s a clear indication that it needs maintenance and a laptop repair session. We advise you to hire the professionals for laptop repair at home instead of trying & testing things to fix your overheating laptop. They are the best individuals to look at why it’s becoming hotter and what can be done to maintain its temperature. Here is some information about considering laptop repair service at home for an overheating laptop.

  • Faulty battery 

The primary reason why your laptop is overheating can be faulty battery. The life of the laptop’s battery might be at the last stage due to which it’s unable to charge properly or hold the charge. When experts will come for laptop repair at home, they will first check the battery to get an idea about its condition. If something is wrong with the battery, they might repair or replace it .

  • Dirty fans & vents

Another reason for overheating laptops can be dirty vents and fans. These components regulate heat from the device. When dirt gets accumulated on them, they do not work properly and the device starts to become hot. The laptop repair in Noida will remove all the dirt & dust, and clean the component properly so that the right temperature is maintained. 

  • Dry thermal paste 

Every laptop has thermal paste that keeps the temperature of the device under control. When it becomes dry over a period, the laptop starts facing the overheating issue. The professionals offering laptop repair service at home will replace the dried thermal paste with fresh paste so it doesn’t face this issue again.

  • Overloaded hdd

When your laptop works beyond its capability then it gets overheated. And, an overloaded hard disk drive might be the reason behind it. The experts will check the HDD condition; look for unnecessary files and folders, and remove them according to your preference & need. This will optimise the HDD and lower the device’s temperature.

  • Usage of heavy apps & software 

Apart from the HDD, the laptop might be becoming hot due to heavy apps and software. The professionals will check the device and find the heavy applications and software programs and ask you whether or not you need them. Accordingly, they will keep or remove them and optimise the device to prevent high temperatures.

These are some of the reasons why your laptop becomes hot and how laptop repair at home companies serve you to maintain the condition of your device.