Is Your Employee Lying To You Find WithAndroid Spy App

Is Your Employee Lying To You Find WithAndroid Spy App


Life has been so much different since the pandemic hit the world. It is in reality the test of humanity and their patience of how much they keep themselves restrain from the usual normal. Outdoor gatherings are prohibited in most parts of the world and people have been asked to maintain a safer distance. Thanksgiving, easter, and most importantly Christmas were not the same for most of us.

Many of us are trying our best to follow the protocols.We are forcing ourselves to remain indoors,not to be in gatherings, No dine-outs,traveling, and much more. But despite the efforts of many the disease is still not on a leash. That’s because many of us are not taking this pandemic that seriously.

Anyway, there are many cases we heard about that people are not following the basic protocols, and that make the efforts of many others all in vain. For example, many offices and organizations have made the staff work from home or remotely. But many employees even take that serious measure of remote working as some kind of vacation or holiday and leave the town. The picnic spots are filled with families and children and that is a peak of irresponsibility from humanity’s side. With this kind of behavior, we will never be able to get rid of this disease and get back to normal life routine.

So if you are suspicious that one of your employees might be out of town for a holiday or vacation and is lying to you that they are still working from “home ” then here is how you can find out about it.

The trick is simple,Use an android spy app like the TheOneSpy and find the truth about them.

First and Foremost Track Their Location:

Keep an eye on the pinpoint location of the target employee by using the GPS location tracking feature.The feature lets the user know about the real-time location of the target person accurately.Keep up with the whereabouts and movement of the target employee. This feature is most useful to track an employee who has been lying to the boss about their location or whereabouts.

Use The Social Media Monitoring Apps:

People usually share every major and minor happening on the social media app. Keep an eyeon the social media activitiesof the employees by usingthe social media monitoring app features offered by the spy app. The app offers a FaceBook spy app, Instagram spy app, Snapchat spy app, and more.

Read The Instant Message App Chats:

Another way to know about any secret plans or outdoor activities of the employees is through the instant message chat app.  With the android spyapp, one can not only read the private chat message of the employee through the company-owned device, can check the group chat,and media shared through the device, and more. Track any out-of-context activity or secret plan by remotely accessing the Instant message chat apps of the target employees.

Use The CellphoneMicTo  Spy :

Keep up with the official and unofficial plans of the employee by listening to random chats and plans. Mic bug features bugs the mic of the target device and letsthe user listen to all the surrounding sounds.

Search Box History Can Also Reveal The Truth:

Well if your employee is searching for the weather forecast of any other station or searching for some picnic spots then that is not a good sign. Know about the online browsing history of the employees by using the track browser history feature of the App.

Check out Mac and Windows version as well along with the android spy app. The features are offered in the form of a set or package thus the user has the freedom to select the package of their choice. The installation process is not that complicated. All you need to do is select the package, install by following easy steps and start tracking. The installation usually takes 3-5 minutes normally but it can vary depending upon the user end model.

Remote working is all for the sake and safety of the employees and their loved ones. Don’t take that for granted.