Copper Mining Industry in Canada

Copper Mining Industry in Canada


Canada’s crust is rich in copper deposits. In today’s times, it ranks 10th as the largest producer of copper in the world. It produced over 544,000 tons in 2019. Also, copper mining firms mine other elements such as nickel, gold, and so on. That is why the most regular ores in the nation are porphyry and sulfides. Copper deposits may be found all throughout Canada. But, the major copper manufacturing states are Ontario and British Columbia, Quebec, Newfoundland, and Labrador are also contributing to the production.


Major copper-producing mines include the Sudbury Complex in Ontario and the Highland Valley mines in British Columbia. In Canada, porphyry deposits produce two-thirds of the world’s copper, although sulfide ores account for the bulk.

The Sudbury Complex

This is one of the world’s largest mines and is abundant in numerous metals. Vale and KGHM are two of the largest mining firms in the area. This mine was found by railway engineers by coincidence in 1885.

The Highland Valley mine

Teck Resources owns and operates Canada’s largest open-pit copper mine. Because most of the resources are covered by glaciers, the province of British Columbia is mostly unexplored, although Canadian copper mining firms are investigating it.

Major Copper Mining Companies in Canada

Copper mining is a large business in Canada, and the following are some of the main firms that mine copper, particularly in Ontario.

Imperial Metals

It owns and runs the Red Chris copper mine in British Columbia, which produces around 30,000 tonnes of copper per day. It also has a presence in the Mount Polley copper-gold mine.

Copper Mountain Mining

This mining behemoth owns 75% of the mining interests in British Columbia’s copper mountain.


One of the world’s major copper-producing enterprises, KGHM operates the McCreedy West mine in Ontario, which extracts a variety of metals. It is also working on Project Ajax, an open-pit copper-gold mine in British Columbia.

Teck Resources

Teck Resources is primarily active in the Highland Valley copper mine. It has also invested in a number of exploration projects.

Canada’s Largest Copper Exploration Firms

1. Abacus Mining and Exploration

This business has invested in Project Ajax and now has a 20% share. Furthermore, it has the potential to generate a lot of interest in Nevada real estate.

2. Metallis Resources

A company that is solely dedicated to the exploration of nickel, copper, gold, and silver. It operates on the Kirkham property in British Columbia.

3. Galore Creek Mining

It is a subsidiary of Newmont Mining in British Columbia that is exploring one of the world’s biggest metal resources.

4. Solaris Resources Stock

The company is engaged in exploratory activities in Canada. The firm tsxv sls has a significant investment in the copper sector throughout the North and South American continents.

5. Pacific Booker Minerals

It has been spent in the Morrison copper-gold-molybdenum project in central British Columbia.


The copper industry in Canada is organized and rapidly expanding. It provides excellent investment prospects. The diverse spectrum of multinational firms is a secure option, and they have a promising future for significant development.