Working Remotely – A Better way to handle your Ecommerce Business

Working Remotely – A Better way to handle your Ecommerce Business


A lot of professionals prefer to work from home and it also saves a lot of online businesses on cost, it boosts profits, and improves productivity. Most managers will agree that a skilled remote workforce accomplishes more work from home and that could help you land the best talent for your eCommerce website design company. If you run an eCommerce business, you may already be comfortable managing a team who are not in the same office as you, a remote eCommerce team can allow you and your employees to save money on petrol, office space, and other overhead expenses you need for a physical office area. In terms of non-financial benefits, it saves you time and effort of commuting everyday to the office and allows you more time to get your personal work done which improves your work-life balance.

The best SEO company in Mumbai understands that by embracing remote work you have a better shot at sourcing the best talent from around the world. Besides the candidate’s skills, experience and qualifications also look out for qualities like being proactive, good communication skills, trustworthy, self-motivated and able to work hard and hit deadlines. Check if they are working on any side projects, any challenges they face, and what tools and collaboration they have used in the past. Always arrange a follow-up interview if you aren’t entirely sure about a candidate. You can seamlessly conduct interviews online interviews with online tools such as Zoom, Google Hangouts, Hyrell, Newton and many more.

When employees work on eCommerce website design from their home, neighborhood coffee shop, or local co-working space, they are fewer stresses, fewer distractions, and a cozier work environment. Working from home also allows them to get more work done in a shorter time frame and this is a clear win-win for the best SEO company in Mumbai.

Hiring a remote team

Create a well-defined team structure

While every business is different and the number of roles that constitute your team will vary depending on the type and size of your brand as well as the roles your team needs. You will need to hire a director of eCommerce, an eCommerce project manager, a creative and marketing head, tech and IT, customer service representatives, and an eCommerce business analyst. Of these six positions, creative and marketing roles can be filled by freelancers at first and then later by full-time employees as your company grows. Roles like business analysts and customer service reps are best kept in-house.

Find the right candidates

Building a high-performance remote team isn’t the same as building one in an office. There are a few vital skills that you need to focus on, like communication, your team needs to ensure they have open and effective communication as well as excellent verbal and written skill so there is no communication gap between them. Ensure that your team is self-motivated and will work hard and self-start with motivation without being supervised or micromanaged. It’s also good to hire individuals who are tech-savvy and capable of troubleshooting their computer issues or basic code issues instead of contacting you for every little setback. If you have a big brand then it goes without saying that your new employees need to be well versed with your platforms.

Have the right tools in place

You wouldn’t hire an in-office employee time tracking software for your e-commerce brand and then not provide them with a desk and computer. In the same way, a remote employee needs certain tools to get the job done, this can range from well-defined communication tools to storage drives and other applications that will save them the back and forth as well as tons of frustration. Sure, email is good but would you rather use that for quick communication, or would you use apps like Slack or Zoom to communicate and give your team feedback in a fun and constructive way while being cost-effective and feature-rich. Everyone in the organization should have regular scheduled and posting times on projects and if the workforce is talented and creative your business will be easy to run.

The Bottom Line

The remote working structure isn’t ideal for every business and for everyone it all depends on your industry, set of skills, personality, and preference. The combination of flexibility, and freedom to hire anyone they see fit without compromising the quality of work is ideal for brands but you need to see how you can use a remote workforce to maximize your productivity and efficiency.