Solving WordPress SEO Challenges: Tips and Tricks

Solving WordPress SEO Challenges: Tips and Tricks


In order to get more organic traffic, most websites follow several SEO practices. Today, we will explore the SEO issues faced by WordPress sites and offer a few tricks and tips to solve them.

1. Using the Wrong Theme

While developing your website and choosing a theme, did you take SEO into consideration? Probably not. Most site owners consider aspects like design, popularity, customer appeal, etc. while selecting a theme. They seem like a complete formula for success. But, did you know that a wrong website theme can harm the SEO  of your website?

Any theme which does not sync with the nature of your website or themes with poorly written codes or even those which are not updated regularly is wrong for your website. Why? Because they can cause performance problems and also impact the load speed of your site leading to a drop in your SEO rankings.

Make sure that you select a SEO friendly theme for your site.

2. Unnecessary plugins

We all know that plugins add power and style to your WordPress site. Also, there are thousands of plugins available for every problem. Many of them are free too. This brings us to a pertinent factor– Count of  plugins you have on your website. Also, how many plugins of them do you actually use?

Many WordPress users have several plugins installed but barely use a handful. So, what happens to the rest? They lie there increasing the load time and making your site heavy. Poor user experience, slower website, and lower site ranking is the result of unused plugins. This, ensure that you keep the useful plugins installed and remove the rest.

3. Sitemaps

In WordPress Sites, you need to use a plugin to enable Sitemaps which are important for search engines to index websites. However, creating a sitemap is not enough. You need to make sure that the same sitemap is submitted to the Google Search Console (Webmasters) so that your content can be indexed and ranked.

4. Too Many Links

Adding external and internal links is considered to be good for the SEO of your website. However, we have seen many websites which either have too many links, spam links or irrelevant links. In both cases, it does more harm than good to your SEO efforts. Ensure that the links are limited in number and highly relevant to the content.

Summing Up

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) can help you create a place for yourself in the online world and get organic visitors to your site. But all these optimizations will not bear fruit if your website does not have adequate technical support from the web host. We recommend that you choose the  WordPress Web Hosting plans which offer you the following features:

  • Uptime assurance of 99.99%
  • Automatic updates of plugins, themes, and the WP Core
  • Easy traffic management through simple resource scalability
  • Faster load time due to the integration of caching servers and CDN

We hope that these tips can help you maximize your SEO efforts and gain more visibility and traffic. Good Luck!.