4 Reasons You Should Never Do a Field Sobriety Test

4 Reasons You Should Never Do a Field Sobriety Test


If you’re ever stopped because a police officer suspects you’ve been driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you may be asked to take field sobriety tests. Know that you’re never legally required to undergo such exams and should never take them, even if you haven’t been drinking.

Field sobriety tests include the following physical assessments:

  • Walk in a straight line heel-to-toe.
  • Balance on one leg for 30 seconds.

Even if you feel certain you could easily pass such an exam, you could fail and be arrested with incorrect, yet incriminating evidence against you. If you find yourself in such a bind, contact Lackawanna County bail bonds so you can get out and hire a lawyer quickly. Better still, don’t take such tests at all. Here’s why.

1. Sober People Fail These Tests  

If you have a medical condition affecting your balance or you’re walking on uneven roads you could easily fail such a test. A semi that’s barreling past you on a highway produces sufficient wind to blow you over. Even wearing uncomfortable shoes may cause you to fail.

2. These Tests Are Entirely Subjective

This isn’t an accurate test but simply the opinion of the police officer who stopped you, the same officer who is already suspicious that you’ve been drinking. It’s not the officer’s job to provide you with defense but rather to find all the evidence possible for a conviction. Don’t help.

3. The Tests Provide Evidence Against You

Once you fail a field sobriety test, it then becomes evidence against you, making it much harder to provide you with sufficient defense to keep you out of jail.

It’s scary when you’re pulled over and accused of a crime. You may be tempted to do everything the officer asks to demonstrate that you’re a law-abiding citizen. The field sobriety test, however, is one area where it’s vital to say no.

Politely Say No

To keep the situation from escalating into an arrest, politely refuse the test without becoming hostile. Remind the officer that you’re not required by law to take such a test. If the officer insists, offer to go to the station for a blood alcohol test instead.

A DUI conviction is a serious matter. You could lose your license or even face jail time, threatening the loss of your job. Never take a field sobriety test.