5 Great Ways To Improve Your Child’s English Speaking Skills

5 Great Ways To Improve Your Child’s English Speaking Skills


Are you in search of the answer to how to improve English language skills in your child? All parents wish for their kids to be able to communicate effectively in English. Introducing English language to your children is just like building a skill in them which will be cherished by them throughout their lives. Either you speak English as an indigenous Speaker or a learner, it’s only appropriate to proceed talking in English with your children from an early age. 

Since English is still an international language as well as the most widely used form of communication around the globe which is why it is necessary to develop speaking proficiency in children from the very beginning of their schooling.

It is certainly challenging to build a language skills, but constancy is the way to effectively acquire the benefit. Now let’s look at 5 great ways through which you can help your kid develop his or her English proficiency.

  • Build a habit of reading bedtime stories in English

The trend of bedtime stories will never get old. Today you can find thousands of real as well as virtual storybooks readily available everywhere. Kids can easily develop interest in stories without concern about the language they were being read as long as there’s an illustration of the context which is basically a key to gain the child’s attention.

Since each text is accompanied by graphical glimpses, reading story books with illustrations to your kid is a perfect way to help them build language skills. The vocabulary should be simple, predictable, and includes elements like rhyme. It expands a child’s language skills and allows them to inquire about the characters and storyline.

  • Learn alongside your child

The ideal way to begin developing constructive behaviour regarding how to improve English language skills in a child is to accompany him or her in the process. Learning English alongside your children is indeed a significant approach to spend bonding time with them while also instilling in them a constructive mentality regarding understanding and talking in another language.

This way you will be able to build confidence in them and despite the mistakes they make during the process they won’t give up as their parents support is with them.

  • Encourage speaking English at home

Since kids spend a big portion of their day at their homes, and there happen a ton of discussions and interactions between you and your kid. If your kid hesitates interacting with other people or in public he or she can speak confidently and comfortably around you.

You should grasp this opportunity and begin advising and communicating with them in English now that you have much more time in your hands with your child. This will encourage them to respond in a similar language which will then lead to better speaking skills.

Short English phrases, required communication skills along with vocab test learned from home will enable them to develop trust in public speaking.

  • Choose what to watch

Who does not enjoy a quality family time where every member of the family sits together on a couch and watches a good tv show or movie. Tv shows and movies are a great source of learning besides entertainment. 

We all have at least one favorite tv show that we can never miss. They are extremely important in keeping us entertained. On holidays, we still switch to tv shows and movies to unwind. Because we spend so much time on television it will be a wonderful way to improve our english proficiency. Children can discover different words and expand their vocabulary by watching English shows.

  • Spell quiz

Learning English from an online platform is one of the easiest ways to acquire command on it by investing just a few hours from your day. Spellquiz is one of the most popular English learning websites where you can let your child easily practice his/her language skills through vocab tests and many other activities. They also provide some professional tips on easy and effective learning of words and phrases. 


Every child has it’s own pace in learning, sooner or later your child will become great at speaking English, you just have to provide them with a constant favourable learning environment of English language.