5 Significance of Wearing Emerald Necklace with the Wedding Dress

5 Significance of Wearing Emerald Necklace with the Wedding Dress


An emerald shines even when its worth is not spoken of. As we speak of rare and expensive gemstones, an emerald is a gem that must be included in the discussion. Lush green, sharp edges, the shine of a crystal and enticing charm are few adjectives that are generally used to describe this rare gem. But the fact is none of these is enough to put the beauty of this gem in words. Its lustre and shape will tempt you to buy it, and its rarity will convince you to spend those extra bucks without giving a second thought.

A stone that is twice as rare as diamonds and appears larger than diamonds for the same carat, who wouldn’t want to go for such an enthralling gemstone. There is a long history of emeralds being associated with the status of the wealthy class and has graced several royal emerald necklaces, rings, crowns and other significant jewellery pieces.

You will be surprised to know that this lustrous stone is not just about beauty but has more verticals to its significance. Let’s see 5 significant factors about the emerald necklace and why it should be a part of your wedding trousseau.

1. Emerald necklacedoubles your charm

Twice the beauty, twice the confidence. The lustre and charm of the emerald necklace ought to double your charming beauty. The clean cuts, lush green shade and glass texture makes every neckpiece of emerald an embodiment of beauty. There is no way that you could go wrong with choosing an Emerald necklace to light up your wedding day.

2. Emerald necklace is durable enough to be your heirloom

Jewellery that goes into your wedding trousseau is not just about you. It is an heirloom that you will pass on to your children, their children, and so on. Thus, what you make a part of your wedding ensemble should be durable enough to last longer. Emerald holds the highest degree in hardness and can be worn for years without causing a single scar on it. With time-to-time inspection and care, you can rest assure that the emerald necklace will look as new at your grand daughter’s wedding as it looked on yours.

3. Emerald necklace attracts love, harmony and abundance

Weddings start a new beginning of a lifetime of togetherness and commitment. What would make a more apt choice than a stone in your jewellery that attracts love, peace and good luck? Yes, emerald is said to be connected to all these factors along with the stylish appearance.

4. Emerald necklace fits in all styles and occasion

Each bride is unique, so her wedding trousseau should be equally unique to showcase her individual style. Whether you are a fashion-forward bride, adventure lover bride, nature lover bride or an old-school bride. There is an emerald necklace for each persona.

5. Emerald necklace is the birthstone of May-born

Whether you believe in sun signs or not, whether you believe in the magic of birthstones or not, they definitely bring some power to you. For the feisty May-born folks, it is the lustrous emerald that brings power, confidence and good luck. If you are one of the brides who have emerald as a birthstone, then an alluring emerald necklace is a must-have in your wedding trousseau.