Best Jobs After 12th to Start Your Career

Best Jobs After 12th to Start Your Career


Once you finish your 12th, it is time to move forward and opt for higher studies. But what if you want to start your career? If you are somebody who is looking for jobs after 12th and want to give your career plan a boost, then you have come to the right place. Read on to find out how.

A lot of students face difficulties when it comes to choosing their field and what degree they should pursue. Choosing from all the options that are available right now has become even more complicated. That is why some people who have passed their 12th prefer opting for jobs rather than just going for a degree.

If you plan to get a degree after your 12th, you should go for it. But if you are somebody who wants to apply for jobs and start your career, then you can go for it too. It depends on your personal preference and your choices when it comes to this. So, make sure you give it a thought before making a final decision. Let’s find out some of the best jobs available after the 12th in India to start your career.


BPO, which stands for Business Process Outsourcing, or in simple terms, a Call Centre, is one of the most chosen options students pursue right after they finish their 12th. If you are proficient in English (and sometimes in other native or international languages), you can easily get a job in BPO. If you are fluent in any language plus have basic computer knowledge, it will become easier for you to get a job in any field related to BPO.

Merchant Navy

Getting a job in the merchant navy is perhaps the most lucrative financial job you can get after you finish your 12th standard. Did you know that you can be appointed as a deck cadet right after passing 12th?

One of the reasons why many people opt for this career path is because this job role offers them the offer to travel the country and the world for free and earn money too. People who love traveling should give this a chance.

You must remember that this field’s work environment can be a little challenging. It is so because you will be required to be on a ship without going outside for as long as six months. But if you think you can deal with this, then your performance in the job can lead you to many promotions, which will help you progress in the field.

Indian Army

A lot of youngsters are keen to join the Indian Army. Everybody who works in the defence sector in India is respected all over the world. People who want to join the Indian defence can easily do so just after finishing their 12th. Once you have successfully finished your 12th grade, you are eligible to apply for jobs like soldier GD, clerk, soldier technical, etc.

These options are available for people looking for a job after the 12th to kick start their careers.