Check out 5 Features of makeO toothsi Electro Toothbrush

Check out 5 Features of makeO toothsi Electro Toothbrush


Who wouldn’t want a toothbrush that works for them? An electric toothbrush is a rechargeable tool that is far superior to manual toothbrushes in removing plaque. Since they take care of the brushing action themselves, they are far more convenient than any other type of toothbrush. Besides that, an electric toothbrush comes with a variety of features so you can choose the one that best suits your oral care needs.

makeO toothsi is an oral care brand that aims to make your life better and healthier. Among many other dental products like retainers and teeth whitening kits, makeO toothsi also has a futuristic electric toothbrush that is a must-have for everyone. To help you make your purchase decision, we have listed the top 5 people’s favourite features of the makeO toothsi electric toothbrush that sets it apart from the rest.

5 Features of toothsi electro toothbrush

1. It has a smart timer

Dentists all over the world recommend brushing our teeth for at least 2 minutes. While brushing with a manual toothbrush, it can be hard to keep a track of time. The makeO toothsi electric toothbrush takes care of this gap. It has an inbuilt smart technology that has a 2-minute timer. It will also remind you every 30 seconds to switch sides and clean the other corners of your mouth.

2. It has 5 brushing modes

The electric toothbrush has 5 brushing modes that you can switch easily with a click of a button. These modes are:

  • Cleaning: This is best for daily use as it effectively cleans all dental plaque and removes food stuck between your teeth.
  • Polishing: If you want to brighten and polish your teeth, switch to this mode and experience the magic yourself.
  • Whitening: The whitening mode is effective in removing any kind of tough stains from the surface of your teeth.
  • Gum care: This mode will lightly massage your gums keeping them healthy and hygienic.
  • Sensitive: If you have sensitive teeth or wear teeth retainers, you can switch to the sensitive mode. It will gently clean your retainers and sensitive teeth.

3. It has a travel-friendly ergonomic design:

The electric toothbrush comes in compact packaging along with other complimentary tools that make your brushing experiential. The sleek and modern design of the toothbrush is compact and can fit even into your pocket. It comes with 2 extra brushing heads, a brush head cap, and a USB cable. All of this fits into one box making it travel-friendly as well.

4. It is 133X more powerful

The sonic technology of the electric toothbrush ensures thorough cleaning of the teeth as it is 133 times more powerful than your normal manual brush. It oscillates at the speed of 40,000 strokes per minute.

5. It is IPX7 certified waterproof and enamel safe

The brush being electric does not stop it from being waterproof. You can even use the brush inside your shower without worries as it is IPX7 certified waterproof.

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Apart from the innovative electric toothbrush that works as a smart brushing assistant, makeO toothsi offers a range of oral care products. From teeth retainers and chewable aligners to removable retainers, cheek retractor, teeth whitening kits, aligner care boxes, and aligner retrievers, you can find everything here. Give your dental care routine a futuristic transformation with makeO toothsi today!