Confinement Centres vs Confinement Nannies

Confinement Centres vs Confinement Nannies


The period immediately following childbirth is a delicate and crucial one, as new moms must relax, recoup, and acclimatise to their new infant. It goes without saying that mothers will need all the assistance they can receive. Today, confinement facilities and confinement nannies are popular choices for helping them during confinement. But which option is the best for you, and what are the distinctions between the two?

What is Confinement?

First, here is a rudimentary summary of confinement, which most readers likely already know. Confinement is a traditional post-natal treatment for mothers that involves care practices related to traditional health beliefs, taboos, rituals, regulations, prohibitions, and prescriptions. Depending on the culture, the confinement time may differ slightly in length.

Typically, the confinement period lasts 30 days, but it can last as long as 100 days. Shortly following delivery, confinement is a period of adjustment and care for both mother and infant. Its objective is to assist new moms in their physical and mental recovery and their transition into parenthood. This method may be particularly beneficial for first-time moms.

What are Confinement Centres?

A confinement centre is a facility where you may check in after delivery. In addition to providing housing, food, and laundry services, confinement facilities may also offer activities like parenting classes and massages.

Some Singapore confinement centres provide the option for dads to stay in the facility, as well as a variety of packages and room configurations. Others merely let dads visit rather than reside with their children; others may have established visiting hours. At a confinement facility, you may also gain a sense of community because you will be surrounded by other new moms who are in the same situation as you, allowing you to share discussions, experiences, and maybe advice.

Here are some advantages of a confinement centre:

  • It is a convenient one-stop shop where everything will be handled.
  • No hidden or additional costs are included in the price of the selected package (but it is prudent to confirm with the confinement facility).
  • Experts such as visiting physicians and qualified nurses are ready to assist you during confinement and check your newborn’s health.
  • At the confinement facility, you may be assured that no third party will be present in your house, and that your privacy will remain preserved.
  • All housekeeping duties, including baby laundry, are performed.
  • Technically, you can focus on sleeping and healing after delivery, and the nutritional meals served will help you repair your immune system.

What do Confinement Nannies do?

In contrast, confinement nannies, often known as confinement ladies, are individuals who come to your home to assist you throughout your confinement time. These folks are often experienced moms or those who have completed specialised training in caring for new mothers and infants.

The confinement nannies might either reside with the moms or have an alternative arrangement, such as a 9-to-6 “daycare” arrangement. They may assist with tasks such as washing babies, arranging a healthy feeding schedule, discussing good dietary habits with new moms and establishing appropriate diaper and clothing-changing routines. Confinement nannies also make confinement meals. Depending on the individual, they may also prepare meals for the entire family.

Here are some advantages of a confinement nanny:

  • You can rest soundly at home, where the surroundings are familiar.
  • The newborn can better adjust to the household setting (For those with other kids). The older children/toddlers will not feel out of place and can adapt to the new family member faster.
  • You have complete control over your dietary choices since you determine what you want to consume.
  • You have greater freedom and power at home, and any regulations will not limit you.
  • If you are pleased with the services of your confinement nanny, you can hire her again if you have another child.