Education is one of the significant pillars of today’s society. Since times immemorial, education has been the boat that has sailed the people towards the future through the most challenging times.

Everybody says that education is essential. Children must go to school and shape the future of the upcoming generation. But, what do you think education is?

Education and its Importance

Everybody considers education to be the learning that one facilitates in their academic life. But does that mean we are thoroughly educated once we are done with our course? I don’t think so!

Education is beyond that! Education is not just in books but in the real-life world too. Children do not go to school from the moment they are born. When a child grows up and reaches the age of five, he /she learn and imitates from the parents-that is education.

When a child goes to school, he/she learns certain things from his/her friends and teachers-that is education. The society he/she looks at grows up in-the mannerisms the child inculcates from society- that is, education.

A child, in fact, a human being, learns one thing or the other every other day. The values, the morals, the behavior, the character are all part of education.

But, in today’s world, with the growing competition, education has taken a backseat. It has now become only limited to books. Many countries and many schools are trying to bring back the real meaning of education in children’s lives.

Why is Education Important?

  • The primary focus of education is to make us better human beings.
  • Education gives us the power to reason and come to conclusions.
  • Through education, children are aware of the different racial and cultural diversities around the globe.
  • Education is the first step towards the betterment of a child’s future.
  • Education changes the lives of students in a constructive manner.

Real-Life Challenges

Do you think all the children can get the dreamy world of education? There are more than 2.2 billion children on the earth. Compared to that, some schools can accommodate not even half of them! Is it fair to the rest of the children who face the turmoil of child labor and other such intensive measures?

Where do you think did we go wrong? The world has been widely divided based on rich and poor. The rich enjoy almost all the privileges, and on the other hand, the poor are left with nothing. The vast divisions based on economy, color, caste, and caste is where we went wrong!

Students’ Challenges

Above all these, we are human beings. But, in the rat race of life, we often tend to forget that. If we look at the students who get to study, do you think they are all happy?

Half of the students from all over the world suffer from depression. Some are depressed with their grades, some with their incapability, and some with their families.

Some students find trouble completing the wide range of assignments given to them. Thanks to the technology, students can pay for assignment services! Many online writing services help students with different kinds of assignments.

After the students graduate, do you think everyone gets a job? No, of course not! This is where another struggle begins! Education gives us the strength to endure the challenges we face.  With proper efforts, talent, and a good education, students can achieve their set target.

We should aim towards a future where students do not have to go through difficulties to educate themselves. Education must always be the topmost priority for people, be it the ones in homes, schools, or colleges.

It is only with better education; we can expect a better future ahead of us!

About the author

Kiyara Smith, professor, Kent State University, teaches her students different subjects. Along with the university’s services, she is also associated with assignment services as a subject matter expert. She helps the students by providing them quality content.