Five Essential Uses of Copper in Daily Life

Five Essential Uses of Copper in Daily Life


Copper is one of the most important metals of the universe, and it is one of those metals which was first extracted and used by humans. Copper maintains the stability and sustainability of the society for the economic strength of the country.

Copper is stretchable, resistant to corrosion, and a good conductor of heat and electricity. Due to these properties, it has an extensive number of uses in daily life. Copper occurs in nature in the form of ores, and these ores are present in Canada in the highest concentrations. These ores are mined to extract pure copper, which is then used for various purposes.

The five essential uses of copper are:

  • Transportation Equipment

Copper is used in transportation equipment in several forms, such as brakes, bearings, copper rotors, etc.; as copper has high tensile strength, it is more reliable to use. Airplanes, trains, cars, and trucks use copper for making several types of equipment.

Airplanes: With the advancement in technology, planes have become larger. So it was difficult to rely on physical strength for their control. In new aircraft, a hydraulic system has been introduced. Copper used in planes transmits electrical signals to save fuel and reduce weight.

Cars: Copper is a vital component of cars that improves comfort and safety. Copper sends control signals in motor vehicles.

Ships: Copper functions in navigation systems in electronic charts and radar in lifeboats.

These extensive uses of copper are the main reason why companies like Solaris Resources are building projects to produce high-grade copper.

  • Machinery

Copper is a soft metal and an excellent conductor of electricity. Due to this property, it is used in electrical motors and batteries. Two common methods are applied to make parts of machinery with the help of copper. These methods are extrusions and molds. Copper is recyclable, so the benefit here is it can be recovered and reused all again.

  • Electrical and Electronics

The major use of copper is to make wires, batteries, electrical motors, etc. Transformers are made with the help of wires, so copper is used for this purpose. As copper is a superconductor of electricity, electrical current can travel large distances with the copper wires. The benefit of using copper in electrical wires is that it is economical. Gold is also an excellent conductor of electricity, but it is expensive to use. So, copper usage is more inexpensive and more conductive.

  • Building Construction

Copper is not only a conductor of electricity but also a ductile element. It means it can bend or flex easily. So, due to its non-breakage quality, it is used in wiring, waterproofing, plumbing, and telecommunication links in houses, radiators, and doorknobs of homes, etc. Copper is resistant to heat, so it is preferred for construction materials. Copper-producing companies like Solaris Resources (TSXV SLS) are well known for their high-quality copper production.

  • Consumer Products

From ancient times, copper has been in use for making coins, jewelry, and other consumer products. Copper is also an antimicrobial agent. It punctures the outer membranes of microbes and kills them. For this activity, copper ions are used that destroy the microbes.


Copper is the most primitive metal with extensive uses due to its amazing properties. A lot of material is being made with copper in the modern world, so copper also determines the economic stability of a country.