Hotel lighting concept: modern or classic?

Hotel lighting concept: modern or classic?


Changes in fashion and design that influence the hotel sector and accommodations lead to continuous renewals that are necessary to maintain a competitive edge and to attract customers.

For you to achieve success, thorough analysis is required for every detail, fundamental accuracy to ensure that the expectations of guests as well as those of your customers, or the owners of the hotels to which you provide lighting, are met.

Your first step should be to determine what type of target customer your customer hopes to satisfy with their structure and, therefore, the type of services they will provide. Having established this essential point, a key part of the process is determining the personality and image your client wishes to convey.

Following these initial assessments, you can move on to setting up a lighting project that will allow your customer, the hotel owner, to select the style that is most suitable to his or her tastes and needs.

You must always keep in mind originality and uniqueness, two critical factors in creating an excellent hotel lighting concept that attracts new guests and visitors in the best possible way.

Knowing the difference between a classic and modern style will allow you to select the right lamps

When one concentrates on the style and design of the receptive field, one will notice that there are two main types that turn out to be the most popular: the classic style and the modern style.

This clear distinction between these two styles is what gives them their unmistakable individuality. It also prepares them for the possibility of being functionally revisited by contemporary stylistic contaminations.

These two styles are based on standard design guidelines, for both indoors and outdoors, which are then enriched, varied and blended as needed according to the design needs of the specific hotels, to make those environments unique and modern, from the smallest details onwards.

Both the furniture and the lighting system must be considered, since it is no longer possible to separate lighting elements from furniture, since their characteristics are now intertwined.

Hotel lighting concepts: How to choose the right one for your project

There are no real rules on how to follow in the classic style as well as in the modern style, based on the evaluation of the characteristics of each.

If not when you’re facing extremes, it’s when you’re confronted with hotels that embody a precise design, from the overall furnishings to the details of each room. The hotel lighting, especially with more small chandeliers, must be coordinated with the furnishings, whether they are classic or modern.

A concept with a pure design, if infused with detachment, would result in the element being highlighted, and consequently clashing with the rest of the furniture.

In cases where you are not dealing with a hotel which adheres strictly to a particular style, there is no rule except the rule of good taste.

It is possible to integrate classic and modern lamps into these hotels with total creative and expressive freedom, so as to highlight that hotel’s personality and make it stand out.


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