How And When To Distribute Promotional Bags – Know The Best Ways

How And When To Distribute Promotional Bags – Know The Best Ways


A promotional giveaway is a popular advertising tool that helps to grab the attention of potential customers. From eco-friendly bags to bottles, there are various products to choose from. They come in different shapes, colors, and sizes with the company logo. An innovative promotional item leaves an impact on the customer’s minds.

Many businesses choose customized bags to advertise their services or products, but how accurately? Whether you have to give them to your customers and clients freely or for money? When do you distribute them? If you want to know the answer to these questions, this article is for you?

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The following are a few best ways that help you to distribute the promotional items to your customers and clients.

Distribute as an appreciation

Your business includes staff, vendors, building personnel, and referral partners who strive hard for the success of the company. Whether you want to thank your employees or business partners, custom shopping bags are the perfect option. Also, you can add reusable bottles, face masks, and others to it. It helps you to show that you appreciate and care for them.

Give as a holiday gift

Everyone loves the holiday season. Giving printed bags to your customers or staff during the holiday season makes them happier and create a memorable feeling.

Sponsor events

Become a sponsor by participating in local events. Distribute promotional items like reusable bags with your company logo and a message. By this, the participants will not forget your company.

Distribute at trade shows

Trade shows are the best place to reach and interact with potential customers or clients. Selling products during trade shows is silly – it doesn’t mean you have to give the bags freely. The best plan is when people come to your stall to become a vendor, client, partner, or customer, talk to them and give some marketing material like packets, brochures, or others. If someone seems to be interested, distribute reusable bags in which they can carry all the materials.

Distribute during grand openings or product launch

By giving freebies at an opening or product launch, you can attract many people. A printed bag that you distribute during these events will have a positive impact on the attendees as well as the sales.

Give on additional purchase

If you have a store or wine shop, giving bags is the right choice. You can offer shopping bags or wine totes over a specific amount (offer a free bag on purchase of 3 wine bottles or more). You can even give them on purchase of products, which are newly launched.

Give as an incentive for bloggers and influencers

Today, everyone has access to the internet and smartphones. You can find marketers, bloggers, and influencers who promote a brand through social media platforms. Send your promotional items to them to post pictures of your business. Also, you can request them for a testimonial.

To reach more people and improve your sales, you need to consider the best marketing techniques. Many online stores offer reusable bags with the latest designs. From those, choose the best one and order them today to distribute during your business campaigns.