How to access and use the current account

How to access and use the current account


Today, most people preferred to open their current account, as it is equipped with many essential features like debit cards, overdraft facilities, etc.

A current account allows you to make a big number of deposits, withdrawals, and transactions in a day. In fact, it also keeps control of your company finances.

The best thing is that your current account online opening helps you to track your financial transaction records and determine what comes in or what comes out of your account.

A way to use the current account.

You can use the current account to make deposits, withdrawals, and transactions in different ways. You can follow any of the given methods to use your current account.

  • Use a debit card that is linked to your current account.
  • Write cheque.
  • You can also establish an automatic payment or make one-time payments using the online bank bill pay services.
  • You can swap money between various accounts to use this current account.
  • You can also use the ATM card to make deposits and withdrawals from your current account.

Before opening your current account, you must become familiar with the type of current account and perform daily maintenance tasks with it. These tasks are on how to maintain a positive balance in your account.

How to access your current account

If you want to use your current account regularly, either for deposits, withdrawals, or transactions made, here are the following access methods you can easily follow.

Home branch

One of the traditional ways to access your current account is by visiting the home branch of a bank. You are allowed to make deposits, withdrawals, and transactions in the bank with your current account with the bank’s assistance.

Cheque facility

The check facility is tried and true method of current accounts that has been available for us for a long time. You can easily use the number of cheques to make transactions with your current account.


If you require cash but do not want to visit a bank, then you can use an ATM. You can easily use the nearest ATM in your area to access your current account and use it. The best thing is that ATMs help you to withdraw money from your current, even on a bank holiday.

Phone banking

Holders can easily access their current account by simply placing a call at a banking user-friendly service number. The phone banking services of your current account allow you to track the record of all transactions and determine how much money is left in your account.

Online banking

Customers can do a lot of banking activities, like clear payments, moving cash, and checking account balances, from the convenience of their home online banking service.

Using online banking services becomes an important method for account holders to access their current account because it allows the business to use it anytime, from anywhere.


No doubt, a current account improves your banking experience, as it provides exclusive features. Still, you should know the above-mentioned access and use methods of your current account to make your hassle-free experience with it.