How to Make Your Tasks Fit Your Time

How to Make Your Tasks Fit Your Time


When you’re overwhelmed with tasks, that’s when you feel the gravity of not having enough time. This is something everyone has to deal with, though. And it’s something no one can do anything about. We all have 24 hours in a day, and we do need some of those to sleep and recharge. 

Still, there are ways to make better use of your waking hours. Here are some of them: 

Pair tasks together 

You can think of this as multitasking, but limit yourself to two things at once. And keep in mind that not all tasks can be paired together. Your main task can be something that takes up a lot of brain power and concentration, while the other task can be something you can do in the background. For example, while cooking, you can catch up on your favorite book or podcast. 

You can also listen to a podcast while applying your face toner for dry skin or doing exercise. However, you cannot meditate while also taking an online class at the same time. You can do your laundry while cooking, but you cannot cook while also cleaning the bathroom. 

Get big tasks out of the way 

Multitasking is not always the solution. Sometimes, it’s better to get one big task out of the way to free up your time to do more things. If there’s a big task you’ve been breaking down into chunks but you have plenty of leftover time in between each chunk, maybe it’s more time-efficient to continue onto the next step of your task if you still have some time allotted to it. This way, you get to your goals faster, and you can free up time later in the week for errands. 

Ask yourself if you really need to do it 

If you have a full workload that just needs to be organized into a productive schedule, making them fit your timeline is doable. However, if you are saying yes to projects left and right and you realistically do not have time to do all of them, there is no way you can make them fit in your schedule while still getting enough rest. For each task you put in your calendar, ask yourself if they are important and if they will help you achieve your goals. If they won’t, add them on light days or write them down in a “someday” list. 

Keep a positive attitude towards your tasks 

Having a lot to finish in a limited time sure is overwhelming, and that might make you feel afraid of failure. This fear may translate to anxiety, crippling you to even start doing a small portion of your tasks. When you let this mindset take over, your mind will start to find ways to cope. You may notice yourself spending more time being a productive procrastinator rather than tackling the important tasks you need to do. Always remind yourself of your end goal, and keep a positive outlook when working so that you will not be taken over by fear. 

You don’t get to your end goal overnight, but every step you take towards it will make a difference. Start being more intentional in how you spend your time, and find ways to hit two birds with one stone whenever you can.