Important Questions For Columbus Ohio Businesses To Ask VoIP Providers Prior To Hiring Them!

Important Questions For Columbus Ohio Businesses To Ask VoIP Providers Prior To Hiring Them!


If your business is currently looking to hire a new PBX phone system provider through a third-party partnership, you’ll want to do your research in order to find the perfect team to match your company’s unique needs.

One of the top voip providers columbus ohio is Data Talk, and their team has supported thousands of businesses over the past 60+ years as a company. They’ve truly stood the test of time as compared to most telecom enterprises, and their specialists have provided this list of questions that business leaders should keep in mind during these all-important hiring decisions.

So, be sure to keep the below questions in mind when you’re looking for a new VoIP provider in the Columbus Ohio area!

Do I have to sign a contract?

Contracts can sometimes be risky for business leaders looking for a telecom partnership, because they can lock you into a company’s services—even if you’re not happy with what they’re providing.

Be sure to avoid contracts if you can, and if you can’t, then you should guarantee that the contract is flexible and allows you to keep your options open.

Are there any fees and taxes?

A VoIP provider’s advertised pricing can sometimes fail to include the overall amount that businesses will pay when you add in mandatory fees and taxes.

Always make sure that you’re fully aware of how much these costs will be prior to signing any contracts or making any agreements with telecom providers.

How much would it cost to add a phone?

If a VoIP provider is charging you for things like adding a phone into your system, you’ll likely end up limiting your team’s expansion due to your phone system. This is why you should prioritize certain providers that don’t bill you based upon the amount of users that you have, because these are needless charges that can be avoided with the right partnerships.

Are there specific devices for your VoIP services?

It’s a red flag when a VoIP provider essentially locks you into certain phone models, because this will reduce your overall ability to customize the intricate details of your business phone system.

One feature to be on the lookout for in this regard is known as bring your own device(BYOD) policies. If a telecom provider is offering BYOD features, you can rest assured that they’re looking out for you and your company’s bottom line!

Are your phones compatible with other service providers?

Another shady sales tactic is when a VoIP provider sells you phones that aren’t compatible with other platforms or service provider services.

This can make it more difficult for you to ultimately leave a telecom provider if you aren’t satisfied with their system or services!

Can single users utilize two or more phones?

This touches back on the idea that VoIP providers shouldn’t be charging you based upon the amount of phones within your system’s network. Being able to split two or more phones between one single user is a huge advantage that can benefit your business in a variety of ways, because your team will have much more flexibility.

This is an important factor to keep in mind if your business has remote workers, or your team simply needs to remain active while on the go!

Are your telecom services distributed geographically?

This is a very good question for business leaders to keep in mind while they’re initially interviewing telecom providers, because geographically distributed data centers help VoIP teams avoid service disruptions.

When a telecom provider has only one data center, there are no backups when things go wrong or need routine maintenance—which can detrimentally impact your company’s efficiency!

Do you provide mobile VoIP solutions?

Countless businesses have remote or hybrid workers these days, and mobile VoIP solutions are very useful in these types of workplace environments. Professionals in every industry need to access their phone system while on the go, so it’s important to hire a VoIP provider that allows for this type of modern-day flexibility.

Is it possible to see a network alert history?

Transparency is a crucial factor for all VoIP services, and this means that your provider should be more than willing to provide you with information that doesn’t necessarily paint them in the best light.

If you can see a list of the times in which a provider’s services experienced issues or other disruptions, it means that they highly value transparency and are also likely reliable.

Do I need on-site devices to utilize your VoIP services?

This is another important question for business leaders to keep in mind, because the whole point of investing in hosted VoIP services is that you shouldn’t have to worry about on-premise solutions or devices.

If these types of devices are necessary to access a VoIP provider’s system, they’re typically best to be avoided!

Contact The Telecom Experts At Data Talk When You Need VoIP Providers In Columbus Ohio!

Every business has unique telecom needs, and it’s important for business leaders and entrepreneurs to be prepared to ask VoIP providers many questions when they’re contemplating this crucial hiring decision.

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