Light Up Favorite Spots Like Never Before

Light Up Favorite Spots Like Never Before


What is light? Is it just a form of energy? What would life be like if it were to be without light? There are so many ifs and buts surrounding it. Unquestionably light is the most popular and powerful source of energy. And it is needed extensively for cooking, cleaning, reading, writing, and many more activities around homes and offices. But there is more to it. Light is synonymous with ‘Life’. Be it plants, animals, or humans; all depend on light for growth and survival. It illuminates not just rooms but also lightens up the vibes and atmosphere around them. It enhances the brightness, the warmth, and also infuses like a new life in dreary, dull spaces. The reason why lighting solutions are gaining so much impetus in recent times is for the fact that a well-placed light has a massive influence on the mental and physical wellness of an individual. Studies have proven that the efficiency and energy levels of people living and working under proper and optimum light are more effective than the counterparts.

The journey of first light began from Thomas Edison’s ‘Light Bulb’ and today has evolved into the most sought-after ‘lighting solutions’. These thoughtfully designed lighting solutions add new dimensions and a greater depth to any space. Be it basic old-school candle light or fancy decorative lights, each one has its significance and charm. If exploring ways to remodel an old area or in the midst of developing that dream house, here are the latest lighting trends of the season that might come in handy at once!

1. Sculpted Table Lamps – Let’s begin with the very classy and uptown trend of placing exquisitely designed ‘Sculpted Lamps’ on side tables and dining tables. Their unique shapes are eye-catchy and seem to have stepped out straight from an art gallery. These could be ceramic-based, glass-made, or even metal-based.

2. Bright Colored Lights – Plain and subtle is on its long way out. The décor world is now being reigned by bright colored lights. This could be attributed to the emergence of simpler and minimalistic spaces that need some oomph and sparkle. Place any bright and warm light around small ignored corners and see the magic unfold.

3. Antique Lighting – No matter how fast and wide the world advances, the roots shall always be in history and heritage. For all those people highly influenced by bygone eras, lost traditions, and timeless elegance; there are beautiful masterpieces like wall-hung lamps and cast iron lights to choose from.

4. Artsy Ceiling Lights – Nothing plays along with sophistication and richness like a delicate, large statement classic chandelier or a modern artistic ceiling light. These are perfect solutions when the idea is to make the middle space of the room the focus or center of attraction. The light modulation is also soothing with the brightest in the middle and somber around creating a dramatic effect.

5. Romantic Candle Lights – A candle might sound boring and basic at once, but nothing can add that finishing touch to a space that exclusive, scented, and spellbinding candles can. The market is flooded with choices ranging from tea-lights, LED-based, jar candles, to brass-covered, or even an antique candle stand. Candles bring warmth, and personalized touch to the vibe and instantly touches the heart of the viewer.

Lights in modern-day homes and offices are no longer only associated with bringing in light, but to add character and shadow to space. These lighting solutions are an extension of one’s persona; bold, subtle, quirky, or traditional. Work on these minute details and witness the ethereal transformation first-hand.

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