Reasons Why You Should Consider Broad Spectrum CBG Softgels

Reasons Why You Should Consider Broad Spectrum CBG Softgels


CBG, or cannabigerol, is another cannabinoid from the cannabis plant that still has a lot of unknown potentials. CBG is also perceived as “the mother of all cannabinoids,” as all the other cannabinoid forms start as CBG. But what makes broad spectrum CBG soft gels one of the best ways to consume CBG?

1- Broad Spectrum CBG soft gels present you with all the benefits of the cannabis plant without giving you the effect of feeling high. TCH is the phytoactive part of the cannabis plant that induces that high feeling. But with broad-spectrum CBG Soft gels, you get to enjoy all the benefits of CBG without TCH.

2- CBG targets particular receptors in our body, which can offer better pain relief as well as faster anti-inflammatory results than CBD. It can also help people be more focused and can enhance productivity.

3- The Raw Botanicsmade available a Broad-spectrum CBG + CBD Softgels that can raise your immunity, speed up your recovery, and even relieve a hangover. By blending the benefits of CBG and CBD, these Softgels are meant for people who are looking for the ultimate support to regenerate their mind and body.

CBG also has psychoactive effects, but much less than that produced by THC. The general feeling that the result of consuming CBG is usually a mild hangover and poisoning. In addition to reducing its psychoactive effects, CBG has a unique profile of medicinal properties and health benefits.

One of the benefits used in sleep disorders (insomnia), is because it is very calming. Consumption of 2.5-5 mg of CBG will bring about a relaxing effect similar to the effect we get for taking 5-10 mg of Diazepam (Valium, Clonex).

Cannabinol (CBG) is the product of the chemical breakdown of THC. Then when THC is oxidized (in contact with air), it ages and is converted to CBG. So, the more the THC dissipates and dissipates, the more the effects of CBG increase. Fresh cannabis flowers contain a high percentage of the cannabinoid acid, THCA. It becomes THC in a process called decarboxylation. Exposing flowers to UV light or the open air will result in the loss of molecular hydrogen. Thus, oxidation will produce THCA in CBGA and then in CBG.

therefore, cannabis “age” for a long time in suboptimal conditions. So the psychoactive effect gradually wears off. They become rich in CBG instead of THC. And, for this reason, many consumers are careful to keep marijuana in dark, sealed jars. This is to block UV rays and oxygen.

Since CBG is derived from the breakdown of THC, it is often absent in our flowers. This doesn’t mean that you have to store marijuana flowers out in the open and take them down. Currently, several companies are working on product development based on CBG. And in the future we will be able to find oils, capsules, fillings and food products that will allow us to take advantage of all the advantages of CBG.