Top Tips for Getting More Reviews on Amazon

Top Tips for Getting More Reviews on Amazon


Amazon is one of the absolute best channels through which to operate a successful ecommerce business. The reason is relatively simple – it has a usership larger than any other ecommerce site that exists or has ever existed. The reason for Amazon’s massive success is partly down to the “right time, right place” phenomenon as the company was uniquely positioned to exploit a nascent ecommerce boom just as internet usership was skyrocketing. But the reason it has remained so successful is undoubtedly down to the flexibility it offers users, whether they are buyers or sellers.

And if you choose Amazon as one of your selling channels (as, it must be said, most ecommerce entrepreneurs do) then you have a great deal of freedom and flexibility in your hands. As well as a massive marketplace you will be tapping into, services like Amazon’s Fulfill by Merchant (FBM) allow you to bring third-party companies into the order fulfilment process, letting you optimize your order fulfillment operations and use the fulfillment services which are best suited to your particular business circumstances.

Shipping and Handling of Texas, a Houston-based ecommerce fulfillment service, advise however that business is still business. Just because you have tapped into one of the largest marketplaces in the world does not mean that you can rely on flocks of customers just by virtue of being on Amazon. There are also a few Amazon-specific obstacles that you are going to have to jump. One of these is garnering product reviews.

The Importance of Reviews

Product reviews are exceptionally important for success on Amazon. In fact, the company prides itself on its democratization of the shopping experience. As well as allowing sellers such freedom in how they organize order fulfilment, Amazon also give buyers the freedom to create a robust community which can share reviews. This is something especially important when you cannot hold the product in your hands before you buy, and Amazon users can always be expected to make use of the review function.

Top Tips for Garnering Reviews

So, can you get more reviews for your products on Amazon? Here are some top tips to defer to:

Use a Launch List

A launch list is a terrific way to bring any success that you might have had off Amazon to bear on your success on the site. E-mail is still a particularly important selling tool so, if you have past customers or other contacts you can e-mail before the launch of your product (specifically telling them to check it out on Amazon and leave a review), you can really get the ball rolling with your Amazon success. Remember, no reviews is bad news.

Make Use of Product Inserts

When you are shipping out your products, why not slip in an insert asking the customer to leave a review on Amazon? This will catch customers at the very moment the receive their order, meaning that they are more likely to remember to leave a review (if they’re satisfied!).

Minimize Bad Reviews

This is something easier said than done if your product isn’t up to scratch, so always be sure you’re selling the best stuff. If bad reviews accumulate, then you could be in trouble. This is simply because it is impossible to cherry-pick the reviews on Amazon, so if somebody is dissatisfied people are going to know about it.

These are only the most general tips, and you can no doubt come up with more that are specific to your product and company. Remember however that the best tip is a general one: good product equals good review.