What is the famous Turkish Airlines policy on name changes?

What is the famous Turkish Airlines policy on name changes?


Being a Turkish airline passenger, you may be aware of the challenges of the wrong name on the flight ticket. You might make a typo or spelling mistake while booking; such errors can create a lot of fuss at the time of check-in. Therefore, it’s better to mindfully book the tickets. However, if you’ve noticed name mistakes before departure, you can take advantage of the Turkish Airlines Name Correction Policy. It saves you from cancelling the tickets and rebooking them. In this article, you will learn about what this policy offers you to make your travel experience extraordinary. 

What is Turkish Airlines Name Change Policy?

Turkish Airlines’ name change policy is all about facilitating its passengers to rectify their name mistakes on the ticket for convenient traveling. This is to ensure that the name on their government-issued ID and flight ticket is the same for preventing last-minute hassles. 

The passengers can submit their name change request within 24 hours of booking the ticket to avoid any fees. However, after 24 hours of reservation, the request can still be submitted but in exchange for a certain amount of fee. 

Are Turkish Airlines Name Correction Policy and name change policy the same?

Yes, Turkish Airlines Name Correction Policy is just the second name of its name change policy. They can be used interchangeably. 

What are the features of Turkish Airlines Name Correction Policy?

Here are some features of this amazing facility:

  • You can only make rectifications to your name but not complete name changes.
  • You can make a Turkish Airlines name change on ticket just once. Simply put, one customer can use this policy once. 
  • You can only rectify up to 4 name characters. 
  • You can make minor changes to the name such as fixing typos, spelling mistakes, inverted names, and adding/deleting the last names. 
  • You can make major changes such as adding or removing last names due to marriage or divorce, and legal name changes.
  • For major rectifications, you are required to submit the legal documents for verification. They can be your marriage certificate for a name change after marriage, divorce decree for a name change after divorce, or government-issued ID for the legal name change. 
  • If you have reserved your flight with Miles&Smiles account, you are not eligible for the Turkish Airlines’ name change policy
  • Name Changes and corrections are allowed on all reservations made on TK documents and flights that run under Turkish airlines. 
  • You can make minor rectifications online at the Turkish Airlines’ official website. For major changes, you will need to speak to the customer care executive.