2 Surprisingly Customizable Things About Cardboard Packaging

2 Surprisingly Customizable Things About Cardboard Packaging


In English, paperboard is known as paperbord, which is a material derived from pulp, both synthetic and non-synthetic pulp and pulp from recycled paper waste. In ISO 536 there is a more detailed explanation of paperboard, i.e. any material made of paper and has a weight of 200 g/m2.

The existence of paperboard is very useful for humans, you know, because paperboard is an engineering in the field of material technology.

Cardboard is usually the main material for making playing paper, postcards, cardboard, and other materials that require a higher level of durability than ordinary paper. Cardboard has a smooth texture although there are some that are textured or glossy. When the phrase ‘customizable cardboard box’ comes to your mind, you’re likely thinking about the design that the box will have on the front. While this is probably the most important part of a customizable cardboard box (after all, it forms your customer’s first impression of your brand), it’s not the only thing that you have control over. Here are two more cardboard box features that you can control

The Thickness of the Cardboard

While you may think of cardboard boxes as only being of one particular thickness, this could not be further from the truth. Not only can customizable packages be double or triple layered, which makes the walls thicker and thus stronger, they can also be reinforced in other ways. Also, there are many different forms of flutes (that’s the wavy material that you see between two cardboard facings) that can support lighter or heavier weighted products depending on your needs.

The Shape of the Cardboard

While you can choose the length, height and width of a cube-shaped or rectangular-shaped box (these shapes alone can get very irregular), you also have the option to make the cardboard boxes in any specialized shape that you want. While you do have to keep in mind that a particularly odd shape might make your box difficult to ship, if you balance that factor with a shape that surprises your customer, you’re sure to make your brand memorable. Consider asking about the different options for cardboard box shapes when you are looking for the Best Creative Packaging Company Portland OR

Hopefully, with these options, you will have far more control over choosing the specialized kind of customized packaging you want. This control should make it more likely that you find the style of box that suits your product and brand the best.