Confused about MBA in HR? Here is a list of the top 3 colleges!

Confused about MBA in HR? Here is a list of the top 3 colleges!


When it comes to any corporate organization, people make up a company’s core. Without humans, no ideas can be generated, no schemes can be implemented and no revenue can be generated. In fact, there wouldn’t be a need for money in the first place. In any setting, human resources are pivotal to developing any form of art, science, and literature and in a socially centric and dynamic environment like corporate management, people’s contribution to the table holds a great value

Every company follows their unique set of values and vision of systems when it comes to their day-to-day functioning as well as a holistic picture and a well crafted MBA in HR syllabus teaches and inculcates the skills to understand and propagate the company’s culture, hire talent as well as nourish and retain them. Being unique in its content and approach, MBA in HR syllabus requires an extensive amount of training and understanding of human values, instincts, and work ethic beyond the basics. JECRC College in Jaipur and NMIMS, Mumbai are top colleges that equip an individual with these skills.

MBA in HR- what to expect?

Studying in a good college like JECRC College in Jaipur gives you an edge as the MBA in HR syllabus is crafted to make sure the students get enough theoretical and practical experience. Being a core discipline in MBA, almost all management institutes offer the specialization. The hand of technology isn’t very far away from the course as newer and efficient methods are being employed.

HR professionals need to have a great business acumen with a delicate understanding of social behaviors. Communication is the greatest tool and MBA in HR syllabus puts a lot of emphasis on such skills. The most important factor for any college becomes its practical and solution-oriented teaching approach. Hands-on exposure to industry environments is key for immersive learning in business environments.

What does MBA in HR syllabus teach you?

For anyMBA in HR syllabus, the key is to learn how to understand people and effectively communicate the expectations, approximate deliverables and take up necessary changes to keep the company’s operations and values in place. MBA in HR syllabusis designed in a careful way which teaches an individual these specific skills :

  • Individual Behaviour in Organization
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics
  • Performance Management and Competency Mapping
  • Strategic Human Resource and Management
  • Economics of Human Resources
  • Quantitative Techniques in Human Resource Management

Beyond theoretical knowledge, students need to understand and get an idea of the professional space, and a good college like NIU, Noida, and JECRC College in Jaipurprovides relevant and to the point hands-on experience beyond the classroom.

What all jobs can you expect?

The majority of the students who join an MBA are looking to start earning and post the course eventually land in a growth-oriented job when it comes to any management-related field like Human Resources. MBA in HR syllabusfrom good colleges provides a push to one’s career and opens up new avenues. Some of the job profiles which one can work in are:

  • HR Manager – Talent Acquisition
  • HR Manager – Training
  • HR Manager – Compliance

Colleges to consider!

A good college provides a solid balance for the students in all the spheres, highlighting the importance of  MBA in HR syllabusand further creating internship and job opportunities that enhance a student’s career graph. The top 3 colleges for studying the course are:

1. RayatBahra University, Mohali – One of the best private colleges in Punjab, the university was established in 2009 and since then it has built an international community of students as well as institutional partnerships. As a result, its stature as an international university is well-established now. The school offers a robust MBA in HR syllabus, for which it charges a fee of 3.5 lakhs and provides a space for harboring practical experience.

2. JECRC College, Jaipur–  With the best faculty and infrastructure, the university is one of the best colleges for MBA. JECRC College in Jaipur provides world-class faculty and imparts knowledge that stretches beyond the conventional classroom, cultivating an interactive environment for the students is reflected in their placement records.

3. SP Jain Institute of Management and Research– The institution provides one of the best classroom experiences for its students. The emphasis on experimental learning through the hands-on implementation of key concepts creates a space where talent nurtures creativity. Their course structure is one of the best as it is constantly upgraded to match the market needs.