How to Optimize Your Blog Posts for Conversions

How to Optimize Your Blog Posts for Conversions


Blog posts can be a great way to create content for your company in Columbus, Ohio and generate leads. But you need to make sure that the blog post is optimized for conversions if you want it to work as effectively as possible.

This article will discuss how to optimize your blog posts with conversion rate optimization strategies that will help increase the number of people who convert on your site.

What is a blog conversion strategy?

A blog conversion strategy is all about a digital marketing agency Columbus helping you to drive more people to act on your blog posts. Conversion can be defined as any action taken after visiting your website or reading your content. This could include signing up for an email list, downloading something from the site, making a purchase, etc.

Key Conversion Metrics

There are four key conversion metrics you should track when optimizing blogs for conversions:

  • Conversion rate: The percentage of visitors who complete at least one desired conversion activity divided by the total number of unique pageviews during this time. For example, if 100 people visit your webinar landing page and 25 sign-ups for the webinar (a 25% conversion rate), you know that you need to get more traffic to your site.
  • Conversion rate optimization (CRO): This involves a marketing agency Columbus Ohio testing and refining your conversion elements to improve the percentage of visitors who complete at least one desired activity. This can include changing copy, adding or removing specific CTAs on a page, etc.
  • Cost per conversion: This is the average cost to acquire each customer divided by the number of conversions you are getting during this period. For example, if 100 new people visit your blog post about how Millennials use social media for business every month, but only two buy something from your store ($100 in sales with a $200 CPA). You know that there is room for improvement here for optimizing your blog posts for conversions.
  • Cost per click: This is the average cost it takes to acquire each customer, divided by how many times they click on your ad during this time.

How to Optimize Your Blog for Conversions

  • Repurpose or republish old blog content

There are old blog posts with a lot of search traffic going to them, but they do not convert because there were no call-to-action or relevant keywords. A digital marketing agency Columbus can take this same content and repurpose it by adding a new title, intro paragraph, image, etc. Then they will update the old blog post with helpful annotations for SEO purposes and add in your target keywords throughout the whole piece, so Google understands what is at stake here on your site.

  • Include relevant calls to action

Now that you have some great content up on your website with good titles and images and new text added into those pieces, including the proper tags/keywords, it’s time to make sure people see that information.

  • Focus on relevant long-tail keywords

In the competitive world of SEO, one of the best ways to get traffic is by optimizing your blog posts for relevant long-tail keywords.

Long-tail keywords are the longer keywords in a query string that are more specific. Since optimizing long-tail keywords can be complicated, it’s best to hire a Columbus marketing agency to do their magic.

  • Limit your audience

If you’re attempting to grow an online business, it is probably best not to try and target everyone with everything. Instead of going after the more significant number of casual users who may drop by once or twice for random things, focus on just one group per niche market, which will allow you to be much more efficient with your time and money when trying to convert people into buying customers.

This can also increase conversions because you have focused on these individuals instead of being spread too thin across multiple demographics at once.


In the world of business, having a blog can be a great way to generate traffic and increase your customer base. However, if you want to maximize conversions, you must follow some of these steps to achieve the best results possible for your business.

If you feel like you can’t do this alone, consider hiring an experienced Columbus digital marketing agency to assist you.

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