Rhodium and White Gold: Worth Falling in Love with This Lustrous Couple

Rhodium and White Gold: Worth Falling in Love with This Lustrous Couple


Unison of rhodium and white gold brings the promise of attractive and durable jewellery. Get rhodium coating on your white gold jewellery pieces and make your jewellery collection luxuriously rich. Keep reading to know more about how rhodium and white gold can be a perfect match made in heaven for your jewellery.

Rhodium and white gold are the Romeo and the Juliet of the jewellery world. Unlike famous fiction, jewellery lovers applaud their love story!

Let us know them individually first –

White Gold: An Elegant Metal

White gold doesn’t occur naturally. It is an alloy of gold and other metals like silver, nickel, or palladium that are white. Thus, the alloyed gold is much whiter than its usual yellow glint. The result is a white-hued elegant metal of which beautiful bejewelled jewellery is crafted.

Rhodium: The Sturdy Partner

Rhodium is an expensive white metal that has reflective properties. This metal is expensive so that pure rhodium jewellery isn’t commonly made. Rather, rhodium metal is coated finely on gold or platinum. Coating of rhodium metal brings out its useful features like –

  • Hardness
  • Scratch resistance
  • Anti-tarnish
  • Hypoallergenic (unlike to cause allergic reactions)

The Love Story of Rhodium and White Gold 

Rhodium plating of white gold makes it whiter, stronger, smoother, shinier, scratch-resistant, and durable. Read ahead to know why this beautiful match of rhodium and white gold is irresistible for jewellery lovers –

  • Long-lasting Jewelry: Rhodium adds to the life of white metal and provides extra strength to naturally soft gold.
  • Shinier and Dazzling Jewelry: The silvery sheen of white gold jewels dazzles even more after rhodium plating. Their lustre and reflectivity get enhanced manifold. While white gold will be plain white, rhodium coating will make it
  • Allergen-free Jewelry: Since white gold is mixed with other metals, those having sensitive skin may get uncomfortable wearing them. Rhodium coating is completely allergen-free and creates a safe barrier between the allergic metal components and the skin.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Rhodium plating imparts a luxurious aura to the white gold jewels, making them appear as glossy as platinum jewellery pieces, without pinching your pocket harder.
  • Safety of Studded Gemstones: Rhodium plating does not affect the diamonds or gemstones studded in the white gold bangles, rings, necklaces, or earrings. During the plating process, only the metal is subjected to the electric current. Since diamonds and gemstones are poor conductors of electricity, plating has zero effect on them. Get the white gold studded ornaments coated with rhodium with complete assurance.
  • Simple Upkeep: Rhodium-plated white gold jewellery requires minimal maintenance. Clean the smooth surface of the jewellery pieces with cotton or soft fabric. Do not wear ornaments like white gold rhodium rings or bangles while doing daily chores lest they would lose their shine faster. If their white lustre starts depleting, showing faint yellow glint, get them coated again with rhodium. The process is simple, speedy, and reasonable.

Rhodium-plated white gold jewellery has its charm. Enrich your collection with this metallic fusion to look beautiful in your exquisite jewellery.