Reason Why Men love Bracelet And Women Love Bangles The Most

Reason Why Men love Bracelet And Women Love Bangles The Most


Men’s jewellery had been underestimated for quite some time in the gold market. The typical chains that would be available were either thin strings of chain or heavy hoops chains. Most of them resembled women’s jewellery, which didn’t by far give them their own identity. But with a little creativity and design sense, it is possible to create some individual masculine designs that perfectly fit into their personality.

Gold jewellery designers have constantly strived to create mens bracelets and men’s jewellery in the most dynamic shapes and with intricacy, which stands out from the traditional wears. There is a major difference between men’s jewellery and women’s jewellery. While women’s jewellery is created with better cuts and designs, so that they can complement the features of their body, men’s jewellery is designed to add to their overall look.

Whether it is ornaments for women or men, chains for both, or more, trust only the best who have it all covered for their customers, with a promise of 100% gold quality and purity. Ever wondered what are the types of bracelets available to complement their wrists of men? Well, are some of them you would love to know about.

Gold bracelet types for men:

1. The ‘S’ hook bracelets:

While traditional ornaments adorned by men in their hands, usually were chosen as kadas, those that looked and felt heavy, men bracelets in gold bracelets, totally changed the game. These are the chain model with a simple ‘S’ hook or clasp that holds the two ends together.

2. Designer men’s bracelets:

Designer bracelets are chosen by many in today’s time. It comes with a two-tone, trendy design that is far better and flexible than traditional bangles. They are specially curated and designed in specific patterns. Some of them have lion head designs or elephant head designs on them.

3. Beaded bracelets:

Bracelets in beaded gold bracelets are a classic fusion of simplicity and fashion. The designs that take over in this section are Rudraksha bracelets that have intricate gold finishing on either end. Either that or they are simple in design and an alternative pattern of gold beads and Rudraksha.

Goldbangles and mens bracelets designs

No one goes empty-handed when buying gold, as something for everyone in the store. Whether it’s selecting from a premium collection of bracelets in broad gold bracelets, strap type gold bracelet, link type gold bracelet, kadas type gold bracelet, or braided men’s gold bracelet, there is so much too fickle upon.

The best jewellersare equipped with world-class gold items and women’s ornaments of all types. Traditional wear to modern wear. One can buy gold jewellery for themselves or pick the best options for gifting purposes or keeping them safe as a future investment purpose. Women can also choose from a collection of antique bangles, pachi bangles, polki bangles, gold bangles, and many more designs. Choose the design that suits you the most and adorn yourself with the shine of this yellow metal, as pure as gold!