Reasons Why Should You Visit the Dentist Regularly

Reasons Why Should You Visit the Dentist Regularly


Oral hygiene is the key to the overall fitness of the body. It is an undeniable fact that a healthy tooth is a sign of good health. A healthy and cleansed tooth enables you to chew the right food and keep yourself refreshed. It makes you confident to smile which improves your social life. By maintaining its health and appearance, you can reduce the risk of several health consequences. Tooth decay and gum disease are common issues faced by people that can be completely avoided by taking good care of teeth.

Regular checkups are necessary to maintain the health of your teeth. The American Dental Association recommends going for a check-up at least once or twice a year for easy diagnosis of tooth problems. To fulfill your general or cosmetic dentistry needs, Dentist Orangeville will assist you to have beautiful healthy teeth.

Dentists are not only involved in examining the condition of teeth, they fix the unnoticeable oral consequences. You should visit your dentist once in six months for a proper diagnosis of symptoms. Read the following reasons why to visit your dentist regularly.


Plaque is also called biofilm which is formed by the deposition of the sticky film due to the growth of microbes. These microbes may enter through foods or drinks. Sometimes plaque appears colorless or pale yellow for which dentists use a small mirror to detect any spot of plaque. Therefore, people should keep visiting their dentist to examine if there is something wrong with the tooth.


Gum diseases can damage the gums and cause the destruction of the jawbone. Poor oral hygiene leads to the formation of gum disease. Serious gum disease also called Period ontitis which can cause permanent tooth loss if not diagnosed at early stages. Visiting Riveredge Dental and getting regular oral examination will help to prevent its advance complications. The treatment is by cleaning the gums around teeth so that bone would not get damaged.


Your bad habits can affect your oral health adversely without even realizing it. Those bad habits may include biting of nails, hard brushing, chewing ice, eating extra sweets, smoking, drinking coffee, etc., which can lead to serious consequences. A dentist will examine the impact of those destructive habits on your teeth and gums. They will assist by fixing the damages caused due to unlikely habits.


The experienced dentists like Howard Farran suggest x-rays for your teeth and jaw bone every six months to examine the surface beneath the tooth. Dentists can diagnose invisible oral issues with the help of X-rays. Some diseases do not show direct symptoms but grow rapidly. Serious complications like bone decay, cysts, and tumors can only be detected with the help of X-rays.


A dentist is involved in check-ups and cleaning of the tooth so that any gum or tooth disease can be prevented at an early stage. The dental professional ensures that your teeth and gums are healthy and hygienic. They check the plaque or tartar which can become a serious complication. Their examination may also include the region of the tongue, throat, face, and neck.