Sequence of board game rules in casual gaming

Sequence of board game rules in casual gaming


The popularity of board games had increased ever since a year and half when the global crisis began. And ever since then, online board games have acquired prominent fame in the hearts of online gamers. A significant set of strategies are employed by using sequence rules in board games. And if you’ve ever heard of this game, sequence turns out to be one of the abstract card and board games played using the sequence rules.

An Introduction to Sequence

The game comprises a playing board that having photos of two decks of cards that cover the board. You may see 135 chips divided into 3 colors – green, red, and blue (50 green, 25 red, and 50 blue). It has two decks of 52 cards, i.e., 104 cards. It’s a team-building game where a set of rules should be followed by the players to play the game. Here, you will get an in-depth understanding of the sequence board game rules on GetMega and how to play the game accordingly. So, let’s get started without further delay.

How to Play Sequence?

Considering the rules of this game, every player must select a card and place one chip on the board. The chip must be of the exact card as selected. The game is strategic, and thus, the player needs to place a total of five chips correspondingly either vertically, diagonally, or horizontally to win.

Outlining The 8 Different Rules in Sequence

When it’s about sequence board game rules, it’s straightforward to understand them. Understanding the sequence rules are important aspects of the game as one would be unable to play it without understanding the effective rules. So, let’s learn them, one by one.

#1 Cards get distributed to every player. The distribution depends on the number of players. Let’s say:

  • If the number is 2, cards allotted to them will be seven each; and
  • If the number is 3, the cards allotted will be six each

#2 All four board corners have no face cards. The corners comprise the black circle. It’s treated as the bonus space, from where the team requires placing four colored chips that go vertically, diagonally, or horizontally. Both the teams may simultaneously use the corner space.

#3 No representation of the jack cards is there on this game board. The reason is that it has some special uses. Under sequence board game rules, when the player gets the jack card and see both the eyes on this card, he or she can use the card and place the chips anywhere on its board. As it has some special features, the jack cards are called the wild cards.

#4 There are the anti-wild jack cards too. When the player sees one jack’s eye in the card, then he or she can use this card for the purpose of removing the chip from their board. This card gets used for taking away the chip of the opponent so that they can’t complete their sequence.

#5 When you receive a card where both pictures are covered by the chip, it’s the dead card. This card cannot be used by you. For online, these cards are not available for you to enjoy the game hassle-free.

#6 According to the online game rules, the players must finish the turn before the allotted time. So, when you can’t finish your turn, you’ll just miss out on your chance of placing the chip.

#7 Just one sequence is required for a total of two players. And for two sequences 3 players are enough. In case there are 2 players, one sequence should be made by a single player to win. And whoever makes the first one wins the game.

#8 It goes without saying that players can make the right use of the chips from the first sequence and branch out to the second one. However, just one chip can be used for making the following sequence. Let’s say a player requires nine horizontal chips to make two sequences rather than ten horizontal chips!

Final Words

So, these are the sequence rules that you must get familiar with before playing the game. Now that you have got an in-depth insight into the sequence board game rules, when are you playing the game online?